18 Benefits to an In-Home Newborn Session

Congrats mama! Your life is about to be changed for the better forever!

Your precious little baby will be here before you know it, and you know you want all that sweet newness documented, but still aren’t quite sure where to start when it comes to newborn photography.

Most people are familiar with studio newborn photography where baby is photographed in swaddles, baskets and other cute props. But what if you’re looking for something a little more personal and authentic?

An in-home lifestyle newborn session may be right for you then!

Lifestyle photography steers away from the typical posed look and focuses more on using natural prompts to guide you and your loved ones into genuine interactions for a more relaxed end result. 

When you choose an in-home lifestyle newborn session, the focus is on the interaction between your new addition and the rest of the family in the most comfortable familiar setting of all. Here are 18 reasons an in-home newborn session may be right for you!


  • Capture the tininess of your newborn in relationship to your own
  • Capture the way they fit in your arms. We feel like we’ll never forget until one day we look down and we have a 5 year old or a teenager and you cant even comprehend how their little booties could once fit in just one of your hands or how their whole body used to fit in your lap
  • Your other kids (and let’s face it, their dad as well) are more comfortable and likely to open up and be natural in their own environment
  • No props to distract from the relationships

Ease and Comfort

  • Don’t have to leave home
  • Less coordinating. No need to pack all the things, get anywhere on time, get kids in and out of the car, figure out how far you need to drive, etc. Just get yourself ready and you’re good to go!
  • Maximum comfort in your own environment during this uncomfortable time
  • If you have kids, they can run off and play after their part is done, or watch a movie, eat a snack, go potty
  • Quicker experience. With no drive time, as soon as we finish, you can get right back in those jammies and get back back to resting!
  • A private experience. No need to worry about modesty in your own home.
  • Schedule flexibility. We can go with the flow of your new baby and kids, reducing stressful meltdowns. If someone needs a break
  • Calm, relaxing environment
  • Because there is no need to get the baby to sleep to pose them, in-home sessions can be done anytime in the first month, giving more flexibility in planning your session


  • A memory of how things were at home when your baby joined you
  • A record of all the work and details that you lovingly put into their nurseries
  • Simplicity showcases all of the details of your baby in a natural way
  • Genuine unposed connections of your family interacting with the new addition
  • Ability to capture authentic in-between moments like nursing, diaper changes, etc
  • Having it at home personalizes your session to your own family

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